Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Have you had tased a comet befor? Well I have Room17 and Room16 had ice cream comets. I was so exsated when Miss Garden said we were going to have ice Cream Comets. When I saw Miss Garden scooping the ice cream that look so delicious.

Mr Sommerville mad a huge mess with the ice cream all over our calss pikinek tabll.This was bad and there was a powerful impact ovre the dust.

As I was going to give some more ice cream to evreone the boys were scavenging for more ice cream. So I gave same to Waata, Kobe,Alex,Crsader.

At the end of the day I faout happy that it was over but there is one.Theing that was fun day thak you Mr Sommerville,Miss Garden.

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