Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Camp Benzon

Do you know where are we are going to? will let me till you we are going to Camp Benzon that is on Kawau Island we are going to sleep is a two store budeing that has cabens.It is going to amaseing.

Will be doing lots of activities like orienteering,Sports,Swimming,Raf macking,Kayaing, Rowing,Sailing, that will be cool.

The camp rules are no dogs,Children must be under adult supervision, No fireworks of any sort may be ignited on the island,No private property is to be entered without permission of the owner.

Ti will be a good camp on Kawau Island I will have a good time.

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  1. Miss Walker- The photos look so beautiful. Kawau Island looks like paradise. You must be so excited/ The water looks such a beautiful colour.
    It's good you know all the rulels before you go.
    I wonder what will be the best part of camp for you.
    Lok forward to hearing all your stories and reading your blog after camp.


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