Thursday, October 27, 2011

Alien Earth Base

I have been reading a journal story called Alien Earth Base by John O’Brian. This is one of the adventures I chose in this ‘pick-a-path’ story.

Holiday to Wellington

On Friday in the holidays, we went to Wellington for a church youth revival, it was in Porirua city.

On the way to Porirua we went on a coach that is a bus, it was a double decker. When we finally got toPorirua I was happy we got there. It was a long drive. I was a sleep all the way to Porirua. It seemed like about 15 hours, I don't know how long the journey was.

The next day it was our church sports day. The games we played were three legged race, volleyball, touch and sack race.

On our last day I was sad because we were coming back.
I wanted to stay back in Wellington, but my church said we have to go home.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

RWC poster

This is my rugby world cup poster that I got it on off a attest name Fatu feu'u,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Frog Adventure

H olidays - with Nana and Poppa every holiday
I n the pond that is were you can find Tadpoles
G ully is in the middle of a hell
H ighgate farm belongs to their nana and poppa
G reen is the frogs color and it is camouflage
A nd sitting on a log at the edge of the pond
T adpoles hiding among the raupo
E ach time the frogs were harder to see because they are green

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Have you had tased a comet befor? Well I have Room17 and Room16 had ice cream comets. I was so exsated when Miss Garden said we were going to have ice Cream Comets. When I saw Miss Garden scooping the ice cream that look so delicious.

Mr Sommerville mad a huge mess with the ice cream all over our calss pikinek tabll.This was bad and there was a powerful impact ovre the dust.

As I was going to give some more ice cream to evreone the boys were scavenging for more ice cream. So I gave same to Waata, Kobe,Alex,Crsader.

At the end of the day I faout happy that it was over but there is one.Theing that was fun day thak you Mr Sommerville,Miss Garden.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All Blacks Smash Canada

On Sunday the All Blacks smashed Canada 79-15 Canada did their best in the game.

In the game this person name Zac Guildford he got the first try for the All Blacks,then he got a try agen that was a “that was a amazing” then he got. A try agen then a try agen that is how he got four Try’s he is good.

It was the second half Canada had the ball it was 70-10 Canada got a try the score now the score is 70-15 All Blacks got a try now the score is 79-15 Canada did their best in the game.

The score was a surprise for me. I thought the score was 80-15 but I was wrong the rite score was 79-15.