Thursday, March 24, 2011

Year 5-6 Camp

YES! YES! YES! I was ready for the year 5-6 s camp I was so excited. On our first day we went to swimarama pools.

When we arrived at Swimarama, the teachers choose some people to go in the swimming contest. When the people finished the swimming contest I thought that the hydro-slide, was not going to open but it did open . When I went on the hydro-slide it was cool and dark. I was nearly to the end I could see some light.

When we got back to school we had to do our tent. We had to make our in the tent. We had to do our tent I was.I had to sleep in the middle with Onosai we had 4 people in the tent. The team I was in was RESPONSTARS!

On the first day of camp the rsostars first thing that we did was kicking with . Mr Burt he was at the reserve waiting for us. When we got there Mr Burt told us how to get in the boa. It had to be ‘foot, bum, foot’.

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